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Economic Impact

The University of Connecticut contributes every day to Connecticut's economic vitality and to the quality of life of state residents through research, teaching, public service, and a broad range of programs and initiatives.

Research, Innovation, & Economic Development [PDF] illustrates UConn's direct and indirect impact on the economic, social, and cultural landscape of Connecticut. Focusing on the University's Faculty 500 Campaign, Bioscience Connecticut and Jackson Laboratory collaborations, the UConn Tech Park and Eminent Faculty Program, and economic development, this document demonstrates UConn's role in sustaining the state economy as it shapes a bright future for the citizens of Connecticut.

Fiscal 2012 numbers (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012)
  • 10 licenses and options signed
  • 81 invention disclosures
  • 36 U.S. patents issued
  • 42 new U.S. patent applications filed
  • 101 active licenses and options
  • $959,000 in licensing income
Current Fact Sheet

Basic information about the University of Connecticut.

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Bioscience CT

Connecticut is at the forefront of the bioscience industry.

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Tech Park

A place that grows ideas.

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The University's founding and early years.

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