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Faculty Hiring

Academic Priorities

UConn has reached a momentous point in its history. The University is achieving new heights of academic success – doubling research grants, attracting top students, and offering programs that continue to grow in prestige. Its faculty members today comprise leaders in their field on the national and international levels. Its campuses, situated in a prime location between New York and Boston, are being revitalized through a visionary, billion-dollar investment from the state of Connecticut.

UConn has joined forces with the state of Connecticut on the following:

Next Generation Connecticut

Next Generation Connecticut will greatly expand educational opportunities, research, and innovation in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines at UConn over the next decade. The University's strength and resources will be leveraged to build Connecticut’s future workforce, create jobs, and bring new life to the State's economy.

Bioscience Connecticut

An $864 million renovation and expansion project focused on the UConn Health Center campus, the Bioscience Connecticut Initiative will include upgrades to the Health Center research labs and hospital, as well as a doubling of the amount of incubator space for small-business startups in the bioscience field.

Jackson Laboratories

An internationally renowned genetics research laboratory, Jackson Laboratories has partnered with the University of Connecticut in the construction of a state-of-the-art, $1 billion-dollar facility on the UConn Health Center campus that will house a new genomics program dedicated to research in the emerging field of personalized medicine.

UConn Technology Park

The UConn Technology Park is designed to provide designated space for industry-university collaboration, bringing together world-class University scholars and researchers with entrepreneurs in such fields as aerospace, defense, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and sustainable energy.

Social Science

With an emphasis on such areas as economics, sociology, and political science, the University is committed to reinforcing its core social science programs – all of which are integral to sustaining the faculty's funded research efforts while laying the groundwork for a social science research institute.


From digital media to the dramatic arts, the far-reaching scope of the humanities remains a vital area of importance within the University. Supporting full interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degree programs in these fields and developing novel, humanities-driven courses in the emerging realm of new media, the University is vested in positioning its students and faculty on the cutting edge of literary studies, new technology, and digital production into the 21st century and beyond.

Education Policy

Investing in nationally recognized faculty in the fields of education policy and evaluation remains a priority for the University, as the state of Connecticut works to close the achievement gap in schools. Bringing together far-reaching expertise in policy analysis and research regarding issues in K-12 education, these UConn faculty will engage with and advise educational stakeholders and policymakers across the state and the nation.