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University Mascot

When Connecticut Agricultural College became Connecticut State College in 1933, the institution’s athletic teams could no longer be called "Aggies." The following year, the student newspaper, The Connecticut Campus, conducted a student survey to select a mascot. The top choice was the husky dog. A student contest resulted in naming the dog "Jonathan" for Jonathan Trumbull, Connecticut's Revolutionary War-era governor.

The first Jonathan was a black and white husky. However, all subsequent dogs have been all-white. UConn’s current mascot is Jonathan XIII. The husky dog was immortalized on the Storrs campus in 1995 with a statue by artist Larry Waisele. The statue is a popular photo spot. Students often rub the nose of the statue for good luck. A costumed mascot inspires school spirit at UConn athletic events and other campus activities.


University Songs

The words to UConn’s school song, Alma Mater, also known as Old Connecticut, were written by University alumna Alice Sawin Davis, Class of 1925. Another popular University hymn is UConn Husky, the University's fight song. The tune, written by Herbert France, a former head of the music department, is played by members of the UConn Marching Band at numerous athletic events.


Old Connecticut (Alma Mater)

Once more, as we gather today,
To sing our Alma Mater's praise,
And join in the fellowship strong,
Which inspires our college days.
We're backing our teams in the strife
Cheering them to victory!
And Pledge anew to old Connecticut,
Our steadfast spirit of loyalty.

Connecticut, Connecticut,
Thy sons and daughters true
Unite to honor thy name,
Our fairest White and Blue.

UConn Husky

U - Conn Husky, symbol of might to the foe.
Fight, fight Connecticut, It's vict'ry, Let's go.
Connecticut U - Conn Husky,
vict'ry again for the White and Blue
So go - go - go Connecticut, Connecticut U.
C - O - N - N - E - C - T - I - C - U - T
Connecticut, Connecticut Husky, Connecticut Husky
Connecticut C - O - N - N - U! Fight!


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University Events

UConn has a variety of annual events that keep current students connected to the University. Here are a few highlights.

  • Midnight Breakfast: An end-of-the-semester stress buster which occurs the night before final exams. Students share music and good times while their professors serve them breakfast snacks and other brain food.

  • One-Ton Sundae:  The UConn Dairy Bar satisfies your sweet tooth by combining their signature flavors to create a giant hot fudge sundae. During Winter Weekend students, staff and faculty line up and pay a few dollars to receive as much ice cream as their giant buckets can hold.

  • Ooozeball:  Students splash around in 600 gallons of water and 60 tons of dirt during our annual mud volleyball tournament.


UConn Nostalgia

Celebrate the remarkable transformation of a local agricultural school into a world-class institution dedicated to teaching, research and service.


University Colors

UConn's colors of blue and white date back to the 1890s. The blue is dark - almost navy in hue. The PANTONE© standard is #281.

University Colors





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