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UConn Announces Resolution of Title IX Litigation

July 18, 2014

The University of Connecticut and the five current and former students who filed suit against UConn in fall 2013 have reached a mutually agreeable resolution to the litigation. The resolution, announced Friday, was reached to avoid the lengthy and expensive process of litigating the disputed claims at trial. While UConn categorically denies the lawsuit’s allegations, the University and the plaintiffs said in a joint statement that they want to work toward the future rather than fighting over the past and, accordingly, “have agreed to put to rest their factual disputes, settle the litigation, and move forward.” UConn and the plaintiffs also reiterated their shared commitment to the same goals: to eliminate sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, to prevent its recurrence, to address its impact on individuals and the UConn community, to make UConn the safest possible campus and, when incidents do occur, to support survivors and hold perpetrators accountable. A copy of the joint statement, including valuable information on steps that UConn took before and in the time since the litigation was filed, can be found at this link: Joint Statement Issued by UConn and plaintiffs Luby, Angell, Daniels, Richi and Moccia The executed settlement can be found at this link: Settlement, Agreement & Release Between UConn and plaintiffs Luby, Angell, Daniels, Richi and Moccia UConn officials also released the following statements Friday pertaining to the resolution of the matter.

Statement from UConn Board of Trustees Chairman Larry McHugh:

“The University and the plaintiffs both agreed that settling the case out of court was in all of their best interests. It was clear to all parties that no good would have come from dragging this out for years as it consumed the time, attention and resources – both financial and emotional – of everyone involved. In order to do this, compromise was required on both sides, which is reflected in the settlement. I hope this resolution will help the students find closure on this issue. Sexual assault is a horrific crime, and we are so sorry that anyone has to go through that experience, especially when they are our own students. We have the utmost compassion for all victims of sexual assault, and above all, it’s important that all our students, their families and the state of Connecticut know that UConn is absolutely committed to fighting sexual violence on its campuses. This is an issue for institutions across the nation, and UConn must be a leader.”

Statement from UConn President Susan Herbst:

“This lawsuit may have been settled, but the issue of sexual assault on college campuses has not been. UConn, like all colleges and universities, must do all it can to prevent sexual violence on our campuses, hold perpetrators accountable, and provide victims with the resources and compassion they desperately need during a time of intense personal trauma. Our hearts go out to all victims of sexual violence. The University has taken many positive, important steps in the battle against sexual assault in recent years, which are described in the joint statement, but there is still more to be done.”

Statement from UConn General Counsel Richard Orr:

“The University and the plaintiffs mutually agreed to settle the case at this time because both parties recognized that the legal process would have taken years to conclude and would have resulted in legal expenses that would far exceed the cost of today’s financial settlement, regardless of the ultimate outcome of a trial. All parties agreed that achieving closure on the past and moving forward is more important than battling for vindication in the courts. The settlement will allow the plaintiffs to move on with their lives, and will allow the University to focus on its mission, which includes serving our students the best we possibly can, each and every day.”


UConn has nothing but heartfelt compassion for every victim of sexual violence, and will never stop working to keep students safe, to prevent sexual assault, and to aid victims through a vast array of resources available. While the University cannot and will not address specific allegations or individual cases due to federal privacy laws protecting student records, President Susan Herbst addressed the broad personal and societal significance of this issue on Nov. 13, 2013, before the UConn Board of Trustees. The University also had the opportunity to share its policies, procedures, resource presentation, and education efforts around sexual violence before a Connecticut General Assembly committee later that day. Learn more about our sexual violence awareness efforts.

Statement from UConn President Susan Herbst

November 13, 2013

We will never be content to stand still on any issue. This is especially true when it comes to something as appalling and destructive as sexual violence. We all believe this, as educators. And as educators, we have a solemn responsibility to protect our entire campus community, especially our students. But the staff and faculty at UConn are not just educators, we are also mothers and fathers, grandparents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. My overarching point: These issues are personal to all of us, not merely professional. Working closely with our students, we will do all we can to eradicate all forms of sexual violence on our campuses. We will listen to our students, we will counsel them, and we will always be there for them when they need us. Our determination is unwavering. Read President Herbst’s full statement

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