Tag: Science

Episode 57: Anatomically Correct Squids

There’s still a lockdown, we’re still recording from four socially distant locations, and we’re still bringing the high heat: this week, Prof. Sarah McAnulty talks to us about adorable squids and the genesis of the Skype-a-Scientist initiative, and we visit Maxine’s History Corner to learn what UConn students were forbidden to do during the 1918-1920 […]

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Episode 52: The Future of Our Brains

This week, UConn philosopher Susan Schneider tells us about some of the possible benefits (and some of the potentially terrifying downsides) to artificial intelligence; Daniel Burkey, associate dean in the School of Engineering, explains how the school became a nationally-lauded model of student diversity; and we learn about two incidents in 1960 that involved flags […]

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