Prospective Students

Prospective Students

On, Together

At the University of Connecticut, we each have the potential to be something great. We're tenacious. We're fierce. We're ready. Because here, we're Huskies. What we start has the power to go on and on and on. On to bigger ideas. On to better answers. On to what matters most.

Be a part of the next generation of Huskies who join together to inspire new possibilities, improve lives, and light the way forward.

Incoming First-Year Students

At UConn our incoming students are more academically accomplished than ever before. Learn to ask the big questions and discover how to answer them. Couple your curiosity, attitude, and initiative with a UConn education to gain an edge as you take on the world.

Transfer Students

Students transfer to UConn for our exceptional academic programs and vibrant student life. Whether from a community college or another University, we make it simple to finish a degree at UConn.

International Students

Students from more than 80 countries choose to come to UConn not just for our rigorous academic programs and cutting-edge research opportunities, but also for our richly diverse and inclusive community.

Assistant Professor L. Cody Smith instructing a student in a lab at the School of Pharmacy

Graduate Students

UConn provides a rich environment for graduate study, whether you are pursuing a doctoral or master's degree, or are interested in a certificate program. Our graduate school is committed to creating a supportive network where students can pursue independent research and meet their educational goals.

Non-Degree Students

Students who have not been formally accepted as degree-seeking students at UConn can take undergraduate and graduate-level courses through the Non-Degree Study program.

Online Learning

UConn offers hundreds of convenient online courses and several online graduate degree and certificate programs, taught by the same renowned faculty who teach our on-campus classes.

Zhe Zhu, director of the Global Envrionmental Remote Sensing Laboratory, speaks with graduate and undergraduate students about their projects