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Enrichment Opportunities

Push further.

Live with students who share your interests. Explore a foreign land. Seek knowledge through independent research. UConn offers a number of ways to make your college experience even better.

Learning CommunitiesLearning Communities

Joining a Learning Community is one way to create a small world on a large campus. You’ll live on the same floor, eat in the same cafeteria, and take the same classes with students who share your interests and passions.

Honors Program

While more of the nation’s best and brightest choose UConn each year, those at the top of their high school graduating classes are invited to join the prestigious Honors Program. Honors students take exclusive classes, conduct original research, enjoy graduate-level library privileges, and reside in UConn’s Honors Program Learning Community.

Hannah Casey interning (internship) at the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant's Environmental LabCenter for Career Development

Top employers actively recruit UConn students each year on campus through career fairs and info sessions. Start early and get ahead by visiting the Center for Career Development. Find internship opportunities or learn what campus involvement opportunities will make your résumé stand out when it’s time for you to apply for jobs.

Office of Undergraduate Research

UConn faculty members are leading hundreds of exciting research projects at any given time. The Office of Undergraduate Research connects undergraduate students at all UConn campuses with opportunities to participate in research or creative projects alongside our distinctive professors.