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UConn Research

Seek deeper understanding.

At UConn, our faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to learning more about the world around them through research. That’s what makes us one of the nation’s Top 25 public universities. With annual expenditures in excess of $200 million, collaborative research is carried out within the departments of our 14 schools and colleges and at our more than 80 research centers and institutes.

We’re here to drive the future of innovation. Businesses can partner with us to tap into myriad resources, from the thousands of scientists on our faculty to our Technology Incubation Program and beyond.

We help make groundbreaking advancements in emerging areas, working to enhance the nation’s hardware security at the Center for Hardware Assurance, Security, and Engineering; figuring out how to build everything from jet engines to spaceship parts using advanced three-dimensional printing technology at the Pratt & Whitney Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center; developing sustainable energy systems at the Center for Clean Energy Engineering; and so much more.

Research Initiatives

UConn is committed to enhancing research capabilities and fostering strong business partnerships. The state-backed Bioscience Connecticut initiative puts UConn at the forefront of bioscience innovation and discovery, allowing us to renovate and expand our research labs and facilities and hire more renowned scientists. In addition, the $864 million plan led to our partnership with The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. The opening of the $132 million Innovation Partnership Building in 2017 marked a new milestone in UConn’s legacy as a leading public research university. This 115,000-square-foot space features agile labs, $40 million in specialized equipment, and collaborations between faculty, businesses, researchers, and students to create solutions and products that will propel the economy forward.