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UConn Health

Discover care as unique as you.

A commitment to human health and well-being has been of utmost importance to UConn Health since the founding of the University of Connecticut schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine in 1961. Based on a strong foundation of groundbreaking research, first-rate education, and quality clinical care, we have expanded our medical missions over the decades. In just over 50 years, UConn Health has evolved to encompass more research endeavors, to provide more ways to access our superior care, and to innovate both practical medicine and our methods of educating the practitioners of tomorrow.

Bioscience Connecticut, an $864 million plan to jump-start Connecticut’s economy, is allowing us to deliver health care like never before. This initiative is helping us improve and expand our research facilities, hire more scientists, enroll 30 percent more medical and dental students, and provide better care at new hospital, ambulatory care, and outpatient facilities.

As a result of Bioscience Connecticut, UConn has partnered with The Jackson Laboratory to open The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine on our Farmington campus. This institute will enable Connecticut to assume a position of global leadership in developing new medical treatments tailored to each patient’s unique genetic makeup, allowing us to push our quality care to the next level.