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Campus Construction

Building Excellence

UConn’s strategic Master Plan provides the blueprint for facility improvements that will allow Connecticut’s flagship public university to maintain world-class status. UCONN 2000, 21st Century UConn, and the State’s newest 10-year, $1.5 billion initiative known as Next Generation Connecticut are transforming campus facilities statewide, strengthening our research and education.

The following sampling of projects under construction this semester represent key investments from those initiatives for UConn’s future. For the most up-to-date information on these projects and others, including construction activity maps and quarterly construction reports please visit our website at

Rendering of new STEM dorms

Next Generation Connecticut Hall

This new 212,000-square-foot facility will house students participating in one of eight Living & Learning Communities – EcoHouse, Engineering House, Eurotech House, Innovation House, STEM Honors, Public Health House, ScHOLA2RS House, and WiMSE (Women in Math, Science & Engineering) House – who are developing skills in innovation and creativity to lead their generation. Construction began in November 2014, with a budget of $105 million and completion targeted for Fall 2016.

New Engineering building

Engineering and Science Building

This 115,000-square-foot high-performance building and laboratory for interdisciplinary research will accommodate anticipated student and faculty growth in such fields as bio-nano engineering and cyber-physical systems engineering. Construction on the five-story, $95 million facility began in June 2015, with completion targeted for Summer 2017.

Rendering of the Innovation Parternship Building

Innovation Partnership Building

This 115,000-square-foot facility, the first phase of UConn’s expansive Technology Park, will house various specialized instruments, enabling UConn researchers to readily partner with industry scientists. In its first decade, those partnerships are expected to include collaborations on technologies such as 3-D printing and cybersecurity. Construction began in June 2015, with completion targeted for Fall 2017.

Exterior of the Monteith Building

Monteith Building Renovation

This 73,000-square-foot renovation will become the new home for the Department of Math. It will also provide necessary swing space for other academic programs now housed in buildings that will be renovated later, such as the Gant Science Complex. With a budget of $25 million, construction will begin in September 2015 and conclude by Summer 2016.

Rendering of Putnam Refectory renovation

Putnam Refectory Renovation

This 42,000-square-foot dining hall is undergoing $23 million in renovations to improve and increase its seating capacity and self-service buffet areas, making room for students who will live in the new STEM Residence Hall nearby. Construction will begin in September 2015, with completion targeted for Summer 2016.

Aerial view of UConn Storrs campus.

Infrastructure Repairs/Replacement

Utility infrastructure is the backbone of campus operations, supporting all buildings, services, and student and faculty needs. These systems represent a significant investment over decades of growth, requiring that future development considers carefully the integrity of existing infrastructure before expansion or repairs are made. UConn has begun planning, design, and construction to improve its utilities, and will continue to do so pragmatically on an annual basis with as little disturbance to campus life as possible.