Perception: There’s a COVID-19 outbreak across UConn’s Storrs campus and alerts are going out directing people to avoid certain areas, which are also spreading on social media.

Truth: When a residential student tests positive for COVID, they are notified and moved to isolation space elsewhere on campus. In an abundance of caution, the university engages in contact tracing and quarantines all known close contacts.  This often includes but is not limited to all the students who make up their small “family unit” […]

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Perception: UConn has not been clear and consistent with PPE guidance, how it’ll be distributed, where policies are located and how they will be enforced.

Truth:  Personal Protective Equipment is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that may cause serious injuries and illnesses. Face masks/coverings worn in response to CDC guidance differ from PPE in that these are worn to protect others from the exhaled germs of the wearer. Colloquially, you may have heard face masks/coverings referred to as […]

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