UConn's Candidacy for the Big 12 Conference

UConn's Candidacy for the Big 12 Conference

In association with the University of Connecticut's prospective admission to the Big 12 Conference, the University submitted various multimedia materials to the conference in support of its candidacy. While disclosure of these materials was prevented by a confidentiality agreement requested by the conference, given the conclusion of the conference expansion process the University believes these materials can now be released. As a result, links to all submitted materials have been provided below. In addition, following the conference's decision on expansion, University officials have offered public statements on the matter, which also are included below.


Susan Herbst


The announcement by the Big 12 Conference against expansion is not unexpected and is indicative of the volatile world of college athletics administration.

While I am sure many in our community are nervous about what this means for our future, I am confident that we have put our best foot forward in considerable effort to demonstrate how we currently operate our university and athletics programs at a ‘Power 5' level and will continue to do so.

We continue to support the American Athletic Conference and thank the league for its understanding during this process. We will remain a part of the conference realignment dialogue and other conversations on the state of collegiate athletics to be sure UConn's interests are well represented. We also will continue our winning tradition with honor, integrity, and a commitment to the student-athlete first - a future we very much control.

David Benedict

Director of Athletics

This is a time for all of UConn Nation to stand together and support our student-athletes and teams. I understand that this is a very emotional time for our alumni and fans. Emotion is part of what makes college sports great and will help propel our Husky programs forward.

UConn has a strong national identity that reflects the academic quality of the institution and the high level of athletic achievement that has been built in all sports over the decades.

Regardless of conference affiliation, UConn has a record of national athletic success that has been the envy of many other institutions. We are proud of what we have accomplished and achieved, and we are committed to making sure all of our athletic programs continue to be positioned to win conference championships and be nationally competitive in the future.

A lot of hard work went on behind the scenes in UConn's potential membership in the Big 12, despite the outcome. I want to thank everyone from UConn involved in the process, especially President Susan Herbst, whose leadership and support is critical to the mission of the Division of Athletics.

Larry McHugh

Chairman, Board of Trustees

UConn has one of the strongest collegiate athletic programs in the nation and is a top 20 public university. We owe a great thanks to President Susan Herbst and Athletic Director David Benedict and their leadership teams, as well as other supporters including Governor Malloy, who strongly advocated for UConn. They put forth enormous effort to quietly fight to advance UConn while respecting the confidentiality of the process.


Stephanie Reitz
University Spokesperson
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