Episode 112: How You Like Them Apples?

A close-up picture of ripe apples.

Once upon a time, UConn was home to abundant orchards – where Gampel Pavilion sits now, and later at the Cold Spring Orchard not too far away. It’s been many years since UConn grew its own apples, pears, and other tree fruit, but that’s about to change.

The Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources is working to revive UConn’s status as an orchard-having university, and this time, in addition to apples, there will be an impressive variety of fruits both familiar and new. Here to tell us all about these efforts is Evan Lentz, assistant extension educator of fruit production and integrated pest management. Evan graduated from UConn in 2022 with his master’s in plant science and before that earned his bachelor’s here in sustainable plant and soil systems. 

After we speak with Evan, Tom and Julie find a University guide to managing email from the dawn of the Internet era, and see how much has changed since then. 

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