Episode 5: At Home in the Cathedrals of Old Europe

This week, we travel to Italy and Austria with the UConn Concert Choir, learn life lessons from legendary Professor Emeritus Dick Kochanek, and find out what happened when McCarthyism came to campus in the 1950s. Thanks to Emily Lattanzi for the great photo of Jamie Spillane leading the Concert Choir during a mass in Salzburg, Austria.

As promised, here are a few photos of Professor Emeritus Richard “Dick” Kochanek’s artwork:

Professor Dick Kochanek's art Print

Professor Emeritus Richard ‘Dick’ Kochanek’s intaglio print, “Angels Walking Through the Earth”

Dick Kochanek, Exploring

The etched plate Professor Emeritus Richard ‘Dick’ Kochanek used to create his print called “Exploring”

Dick Kochanek's model car

The model car Professor Emeritus Dick Kochanek designed, carved, and slapped hundreds of coats of paint on as a teen, garnering an award from General Motors

Dick Kochanek print

An intaglio print Professor Emeritus Dick Kochanek created by printing two plates on the same sheet of paper