The UConn 360 Podcast

Episode 80: The Battle of Horsebarn Hill

This week, we talk with distinguished political commentator Stu Rothenberg ’77 Ph.D. about the latest happenings in a sleepy little town called Washington, D.C.; in the latest installment of our Brave Space series, Political Science Prof. Christine Sylvester interviews Timothy Bussey ’18 Ph.D. about their work in the diversity, equity, inclusion and LGBTQIA+ fields; and […]

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Episode 79: The Trouble With Phubbing

This week, we talk to Ryan Allred ’20 Ph.D. about “phubbing”: the act of being too distracted by your phone to give your full attention to the person right in front of you. We also talk with Professor Nathanael Okpych about his book “Climbing a Broken Ladder,” which provides insight into how children in foster […]

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Episode 78: The Voice of the Huskies

This week, we hear from a voice that’s very familiar to Husky fans – John Tuite, the PA announcer whose booming tones are an inseparable part of the gameday experience. We also talk with Professor Sandra Chafouleas about ways parents can support their kids during the uncertainty and stress of pandemic-era schooling, and we learn […]

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