Perception: The UConn Police Department’s budget is too large.

Truth: UConn Police provides services to all seven UConn campuses: Storrs, Hartford, Waterbury, Stamford, Avery Point, the Law School and UConn Health in Farmington, not just Storrs. This includes 24-hour, 7-day-a-week staffing year round. Despite this, the budget for the UConn Police Department represents only about 0.5% of UConn’s budget.

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Perception: The UConn Police department plans to hire 20 additional officers.

Truth: No, it doesn’t. In fact, some uniformed police positions have been eliminated as a result of budget cuts made across most university departments to help close UConn’s expected deficit. Additional cuts are expected in the fiscal year ahead as part of overall cost-savings efforts university-wide. Further, UConn’s police chief is working to transition some […]

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Perception: UConn is not transparent about its student diversity numbers and does not provide breakdowns by race or ethnicity.

Truth: Information regarding the diversity of UConn student body is publicly available. Each fall, Enrollment Management produces a report regarding the incoming freshmen and transfer class for Storrs and every regional campus. The report provides data on numerous characteristics of the entering class, including a breakdown by race/ethnicity. Latest Enrollment Data Report  Historical Undergraduate breakdown […]

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