The UConn 360 Podcast

Episode 46: UConn’s Other Basketball Powerhouse

This week, Julie talks with members of the basketball team organized by the UConn chapter of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association about their winning ways; Ken gets us ready for the visit by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine’s visit to the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts; and Tom tells us about the time UConn bought 13,000 ice cream bars to help stop an epidemic.

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Episode 45: Our Milkshake Brings All the Ghosts to the Yard

This week, Student Podcast Assistant Extraordinaire Maxine Philavong takes the reigns for a spooktacular Halloween episode. She interviews UConn students about their costume choices, and provides a feature on UConn’s Horror Club. We wrap up this excursion into terror with a rundown of historic Halloweens at UConn, and ponder the mystery of the “milkshake dance.”

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Episode 42: Chuck and Augie and Royal and Otis

This week, we meet UConn 360 student worker Maxine Philavong ’20 (CLAS); we learn about the UConn Gaming Club from Ryan Marsh ’20 (ENG); PhD candidate Rebecca Rowe discusses her research on the ways in which characters in animated films and television shows can affect girls’ ideas about body image; and we try, unsuccessfully, to determine which Storrs brother deserves the most credit for UConn.

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Episode 41: The Land of Steady-ish Habits

This week, Tom has gone walkabout, so Julie and Ken step up with a history-heavy episode. Professor Altina Waller stops by to tell us about the continuing fascination of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, while state historian Professor Walter Woodward provides insight on everything from how Connecticut’s past and present line up with each other to what our state’s residents should be called (Connecticuters? Connecticans? Connecticuties?).

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